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Of touts & vanishing Tatkal tickets

Trying to get tickets under the Tatkal scheme from Fairlie Place is futile as well as nightmarish. Within minutes of opening a ticket counter, a ‘no room’ poster is displayed for almost every train. Touts jump the queues and one can never spot a security personnel when needed. They charge anything between Rs 300-500 per ticket in addition to the official Tatkal surcharge. The railway authorities should stop giving lame excuses and conduct spot-checks. Jagdish Kumar, Chittaranjan Avenue.

Open trap

The Calcutta Municipal Corporation must cover the open drains along Mayo Road as cars run the risk of skidding into the ditches. While crossing the road some days ago, I saw a beggar who almost fell into a drain. There is a mad rush of cars approaching Park Street after office hours. As most of them are in a hurry to overtake each other, a mishap can happen anytime on Mayo Road with vehicles colliding and slipping into the drains. Sumant Poddar, Kyd Street.
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