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Prison for bribe-giver, not police

Malda, Dec. 30: Truckers dropping coins into the open palms of traffic policemen may be a common sight at intersections. But don’t dare mention it to the district police chief, not even in passing.

Malda superintendent of police Pankaj Dutta today erupted in rage when members of bus and truck unions brought it up at a workshop on prevention of road accidents, attended, among others, by Sailen Sarkar, the CPM minister from the district.

“Police take bribe because you give it to them. Why do you grease their palms in the first place'” Dutta yelled. “I head the police department in the district, but I do not take bribes.”

He said he would issue an “immediate order” to arrest anyone offering bribes to policemen. “Any driver offering money to the on-duty traffic policeman will be put in jail from now on.”

As the bemused audience looked on, Dutta said the police always “got the rap” even though it had always “tried its best” to do its job. “What about the other departments' Nobody talks about them. The policeman is always the favourite fall guy,” he added.

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