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Powell calms Korea war fear
The US today sought to discourage talk of crisis and conflict with North Korea and said it was ready to wait months to see if diplomacy could persuade Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear programmes. ...  | Read.. 
Childless couples mob Raelian sect for clones
The claim that a bizarre religious cult has succeeded in cloning the world’s first human baby has unleashed a tide of interest from infertile British couples desperate to ...  | Read.. 
People buy British, prince buys German
Britain’s Prince Charles has been accused of hypocrisy for making a fervent “Buy British” appeal after signing a deal with the German car firm Audi. ...  | Read.. 
Power shift in Kenya
Opposition leader Mwai Kibaki swept to a historic win in Kenya’s presidential and general election, ending nearly 40 years of rule by President Daniel arap Moi’s KANU party, ...  | Read.. 
Pope John Paul II during the Angelus Prayer at the Vatican on Sunday. (AFP)
Marcos bust blast
UK cordon
Ecstasy raid
Rowling casts Potter spell on girl dying of cancer
It is a story every bit as moving and magical as her Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling, the worl..  | Read.. 
Racket in AIDS drugs for Africa
Medicines provided cheaply to treat Aids patients in Africa are being smuggled back into Britain an..  | Read..