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Sachin fell in freakish accident

Auckland: Sachin Tendulkar’s injury at nets Tuesday was freakish. He was bowling the last ball of the nets to Jawagal Srinath when his right foot went into a hole used for putting the posts between the nets.

Sachin was pretty disappointed with this. “I was bowling in the nets and my right ankle just got twisted. It is painful and I’ve left it on the physio to get me alright,” said Sachin, laid up in his bed, this morning.

Physio Andrew Leipus said he would try to make the master batsman fit before the second game, but said it was not certain at the moment. “He has sprained the lateral ligament of his ankle. He will be missing the game (tomorrow) and we would try to get him fit for the next game. But if necessary, we would rest him in there as well,” Leipus said.

The physio said he wanted to follow the conservative approach rather than rush in getting Sachin out in the Park again. “It’s quite swollen at the moment but he is able to walk around. It is a positive sign.

“At the moment he has just got his foot up in the bed. It’s compressed, it’s being iced every two hours and that’s all we can do for the next couple of days.”

Leipus said the treatment on Sachin’s ankle would begin tonight, but he would still require at least two clear days for an intensive treatment to be worked on him.

“Once the swelling subsides we will be starting an intensive treatment. At the moment we are just protecting it from getting worse.

“We have seven one-day Internationals coming up in World Cup so it’s best to take the conservative approach now rather than struggle with the chronically swollen ankle for the next couple of months.”

Leipus said Sanjay Bangar’s knee injury — sustained on the last day of the second Test in Hamilton — was “mild”, but he still needed to be rested Thursday. “He went over backwards (on that last day of the Test) and dropped the catch and his knee sort of went underneath him.

“He had sprained his clerical ligament in his left knee at that time — it’s only a mild injury but he needs to rest.”

Harbhajan Singh’s bowling hand “problem” was an afternoon development. Team manager Nathu Ram Choudhary said Leipus had given the off-spinner an injection but the problem was serious enough to prevent him from playing Thursday’s match.

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