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Goon names Bihar, UP dons

Bihar gangster Umesh Singh disclosed to sleuths that he took orders from two Bihar and Uttar Pradesh-based mafia dons.

Singh told his interrogators that the two dons visit the city once in six months. They either stay in a posh hotel or in the house of one of their businessmen friends.

“They are surrounded by private bodyguards wherever they travel,’’ a senior officer of the detective department said.

Singh is believed to have told the detectives that the businessmen underwrite their bills. City police said the two dons have several cases against them, including ones involving murder and extortion, in UP and Bihar.

The detective department of the city police is coordinating with the CID, as Singh is also wanted in the cases of the abductions of Exide boss S.B. Ganguly and businessman Sajjan Jalan.

Following up on Singh’s statements, police collected information on the businessmen and are currently checking out their city operations.

Additional director-general of CID, S.I.S. Ahmed, led a team of detectives who interrogated Singh throughout Tuesday.

According to officers of the CID’s special operation group, Singh told detectives that the businessmen have factories and sugar mills in Siwan and Azamgarh districts in Bihar and UP, apart from other business interests.

The criminal is believed to have told detectives that the two dons “take care of the factories and mills there so that there are no problems from labour and local hoodlums’’.

The CID had trapped Umesh in a Patna hideout last week. Special superintendent of police Manoj Malaviya said Umesh was wanted in a series of cases of kidnappings in the Durgapur and Asansol belts.

City detectives said Umesh, along with Ajay and Ashim Singh, had kidnapped S.B. Ganguly and Sajjan Jalan in 1999. Ajay and Ashim were later arrested at Gaya but Umesh had managed to escape.

Detectives said there was no firm evidence to suggest that the businessmen were directly involved in “high-profile kidnappings’’ in the city.

“But they are definitely aware of what is going on here. For now, we just want to keep a watch on them,’’ the detective added.

On Tuesday, police said Singh disclosed that he had come to the city half a dozen times in the past year for “information on potential targets”.

A detective said: “Umesh said the gang generally targets businessmen with interests in cities of Bihar and UP. It makes it easier for the gang.”

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