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This is the story of a father, Anangamohan, and his son, Khoka. Though Anangamohan did not have any formal education, by dint of his efficiency, hard labour and devotion, he became the incharge of a steel plantís blast furnace. Khoka, now an engineer, works in the same position, in the same plant after his fatherís retirement. Ananga is a workaholic, guided by the spirits of honest work culture and ethics. He lives close to the factory and his life revolves around the blast furnace. Khoka, however, is a direct recruit to a higher technical post and hence his bonding with the factory is not absolute. Besides, he abhors the idea of people comparing him with his fatherís achievements. The two menís egos clash and, at times, friction between the duo over trivial issues comes to the fore. Indumati, Khokaís mother, and Mini, his wife, try their best to patch up the frayed fabric, but seldom succeed. Khoka is frustrated as he feels his father doesnít understand him and Ananga is distressed since his son doesnít live up to his expectations. Nonetheless, they love each other deeply. Then one night, a serious accident occurs in the factory. Khoka is responsible for the accident, but he looks for a scapegoat to shift responsibility. Ananga is dumb-founded. Should he desert his son' He is in a dilemma. Directed by Asit Mukhopadhyay, this is a Choopkatha production.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Madhusudan Mancha

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