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Woman wins case over scarf

Paris, Dec. 17 (Reuters): A French court ordered a Paris company today to reinstate a Muslim woman it fired for wearing a headscarf in a case lawyers said set a precedent for Europe’s biggest Muslim community.

The court also told SR Teleperformance, a telemarketing firm, to pay Dallila Tahri the wages she had missed since her firing in July and fined it 1,000 euros for unfair dismissal.

Algerian-born Tahri, who has worn a veil over her forehead, neck and ears for eight years, was dismissed from her telephone polling job after refusing to comply with her bosses’ demands for her to lift the veil higher off her face and neck.

She argued during the Paris industrial tribunal hearing that her religion prevented her from doing that and rejected suggestions the Muslim scarf was demeaning to women.

“For me a woman is equal to a man. She must be able to work and must be involved in the society where she lives,” Tahri, 30, said.

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