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Britain sends conflicting signals to Saddam
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said today Iraq could still avoid war, but British officials were quoted as saying they were “very disappointed” by Baghdad’s declaration of its arms programmes. ...  | Read.. 
Vatican rules for guilty priests
The Vatican approved today a revised plan outlining how US Roman Catholic leaders should punish priests caught up in a clergy sexual abuse scandal that has engulfed the Ameri ...  | Read.. 
Japan ship steams towards West Asia
A Japanese warship equipped with a high-tech Aegis missile detection system left for the Indian Ocean today, a controversial move some analysts say signals support for a poss ...  | Read.. 
Castro in a rum affair
Cuban President Fidel Castro assured anxious island residents yesterday his recent criticism of the national drink, rum, did not mean prices were going up, or that he was con ...  | Read.. 
(From left) Actresses Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman with director Stephen Daldry (third from right) and chairman and CEO of Paramount ...  | Read
Raunchy retreat
Rookie hit
Royal visitor
Bishop drops Nativity bomb
A Church of England bishop has attacked “sentimental” Christmas card portrayals of the Nativity..  | Read.. 
Fraudster takes crack at burying Cheriegate
Britain tuned in today for the latest chapter in a titillating saga involving the Prime Minister’s ..  | Read.. 
Gore opts out of 2004 presidential race
Former US Vice-President Al Gore’s surprise announcement th ...  | Read.. 

DVD Jon awaits verdict
A landmark trial of a teenager in Norway over Hollywood cha ...  | Read.. 

Russia gave nuclear knowhow to Iran: US
US intelligence officials have concluded that Russia su ...  | Read.. 

4 held for attack on woman
Pakistani police arrested a powerful landlord and three oth ...  | Read.. 

Rocca holds talks, militants in custody
US assistant secretary of state Christina Rocca met members ...  | Read.. 

Pro-Pervez CM in Sindh
A pro-Musharraf candidate was today elected as chief minist ...  | Read..