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Cheriegate fraudster to spill beans

London, Dec. 14: Peter Foster, the convicted conman at the centre of the “Cheriegate” affair, promised last night that he would clarify all the issues about his dealings with the Prime Minister’s wife next week.

Foster, 39, who was shown in allegedly taped phone calls to have appeared to be trying to sell his story for £100,000, plans to make a statement on Monday which will be available “at no cost” to all media. The release of the statement does not, however, exclude the possibility of new allegations from Foster appearing in a Sunday newspaper.

The Press Complaints Commission said it was concerned about a number of aspects of coverage of the story and had written to Cherie Blair inquiring if she wanted to register a complaint. A PCC spokesman said it was concerned about articles 11 and 16 of the newspaper code of practice covering the use of subterfuge and payments for information.

“We have written to Cherie Blair to see if she is happy for the PCC to take up the matter on her behalf,” said the spokesman.

The PCC has been accused in the past of having a too cosy relationship with Downing Street and of devoting much of its time to protecting the Blairs’ interests.

Foster, who helped to negotiate the purchase of two flats in Bristol for Cherie Blair and has alleged that she gave him advice on his legal battle against deportation, is said to want to “draw a line” under the matter with his statement. He claimed that his links with Cherie Blair, which came about because of his relationship with Carole Caplin were made public only after an attempt by former business associates to blackmail him.

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