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Citu focus on output

New Delhi, Dec 7: The CPM has changed its policy for Citu and asked the trade union to concentrate on production, not economic details, reports our special correspondent.

The new stand, as shown in the unionís policy draft the CPMís Central Committee recently approved, discourages agitations and sit-ins. The party advises a holistic attitude and an awareness of the overall national and global economic policies. The Citu should consider a production unitís status and concentrate on output, the draft says.

Agitations at local units donít work in the long run.

The draft emphasises a change in orientation to keep up with the times and the new pressures and challenges.

The draft also points out the poor political consciousness among Citu workers. The CPM and the Citu have often found that loyalty to the trade union does not necessarily mean loyalty for the party. Citu workers have been found voting for parties other than the CPM, even in West Bengal.

Debated for long by both the party and the union, the need to increase workersí political consciousness has remained unmet. Earlier, too, the Citu leadership had warned against an overplay of economic activism at the cost of political consciousness.

The CPM leadership may deny that West Bengal had a hand in formulating the draft. But contradictions between governance and activism have openly plagued Bengal, wracked by trade unionism.

Citu hardliners, too, realise that trade unionism in Bengal has to change for the union to play a constructive role.

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