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Police lay tele trap to track kidnappers

Burdwan, Dec. 5: Police from the district laid a trap in Nadia over days to rescue a jeweller’s son and returned home with a catch of two men and a woman who had kidnapped him from Katwa town on November 29.

Santanu Saha, 28, was abducted by Kajal Adhikari and Biswajit Mondal, both of who used to work in his father’s shop. The duo had made friends with the mentally-challenged youth.

The jeweller, Pankaj Saha, contacted the police three days after his son went missing when he received a ransom call with a demand of Rs 8 lakh.

The abductors threatened to sell Santanu’s kidneys and eyes if their demand was not met. Sub-divisional police officer of Katwa, Nishad Parvez, said they asked Saha to keep negotiating with the callers while they set about tracing the calls with the help of the local telephone exchange.

“When the kidnappers called on Tuesday evening, we found the calls were being made from somewhere near Krishnagar in Nadia district. We sent a police team over immediately,” Parvez said. Yesterday, when the callers phoned again and gave Saha an ultimatum, the police and telephone technicians asked him to drag the conversation on. “We traced the call to a public booth in Nadia’s Bethuadahari. I spoke as Saha and said they will be paid the money if they call one last time on Wednesday evening,” the officer said.

The phone at the Saha residence was kept engaged for a while in the evening while the police team in Nadia homed in on the booth. The police nabbed the youths even as they were trying to ring up Saha. Santanu was found in a house nearby.

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