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US demands more aggressive hunt in Iraq
UN experts searched Iraq’s main nuclear facility and a military base today but the US demanded a more aggressive hunt for any banned biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. ...  | Read.. 
Sedentary life aids heart attack risk
People leading a sedentary lifestyle who develop symptoms of diabetes, a bloated waistline and other unhealthy conditions are at a sharply higher risk of dying from a heart a ...  | Read.. 
Rare solar eclipse races across continents
Skies darkened over southern Africa and Australia today as a rare total solar eclipse raced across both continents, delighting astronomers, astounding tourists and confusing ...  | Read.. 
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer to reunite on stage
The chance to work with Christopher Plummer again has Julie Andrews performing at a feverish pace, traveling to more than a dozen cities to host “A Royal Christmas.” ...  | Read.. 
Tourists watch a solar eclipse in the Australian outback town of Lyndhurst, 700 km north of Adelaide, on Wednesday. (Reuters)
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Gere wins award for worst waffler
Pretty Woman star Richard Gere’s animal magnetism has won him the unwelcome accolade of bein..  | Read.. 
Therapy sought for Ryder
Prosecutors plan to ask that actress Winona Ryder undergo drug and psychiatric counselling as part ..  | Read.. 
Concorde rudderless
Part of a rudder fell off a British Airways Concorde supers ...  | Read.. 

Church secrets tumble out
One priest had a history of molesting boys, another maintai ...  | Read.. 

Pak tells West: Fret less about Osama
Pakistan’s foreign minister said yesterday that Western pow ...  | Read.. 

Blair, Brown in ‘duel to death’
According to political folklore, the current British govern ...  | Read.. 

Australia rush to defuse crisis
Australia called in ambassadors from Southeast Asia today t ...  | Read.. 

Maoists vow to end attacks, hold talks
Maoist rebels in Nepal have appealed for talks with authori ...  | Read..