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Bold and bare

Rome, Dec. 3 (Reuters): Calendars in Italy use bare breasts to sell everything from cars to coffins.

Now, a different calendar uses photos of nude women who have had breast reconstruction to sell a very simple but vital message — that there is life for women after breast cancer.

“Calendars in Italy are usually associated with female beauty and we wanted to send a message that courage is beautiful too,” Dr Simonetta Franchelli told Reuters yesterday.

Franchelli and her colleague Marisa Muggiano, both of whom work at the Genoa Tumour Institute, came up with the idea to encourage women who have undergone radical mastectomy and reconstructive surgery to lead normal lives.

Film fever

Hanoi (Reuters): Cable television viewers in Vietnam’s capital, frustrated by the government’s blackout of Apocalypse Now Redux, can just run out to their local bootleg DVD store and buy a copy of the Vietnam War classic. Local cable operator Vietnam Cable Television Co, bowing to the government’s ban on “sex, violence and politically sensitive issues”, stopped the screening of Apocalypse Now Redux on Sunday night about a half-an-hour after it started. “We cannot relay (the film) when we see scenes of shooting and killing our people in the film,” Nguyen Huu Loc, director of the company, said. Yet copies of the critically acclaimed classic by Francis Ford Coppola are easily available in stores in downtown Hanoi. A visitor to a shop on Tuesday bought a pirated DVD copy of the movie for $1.30.

Sex danger

Hamburg (Reuters): Extramarital sex can increase your risk of having a heart attack, a British cardiologist said. Graham Jackson, a heart specialist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, found couples in long-term relationships were far less likely to have heart attacks while having sex than those having affairs or one-night stands. “We found that 75 per cent of the cases of sudden death during sexual activity involved people who were taking part in extramarital sexual intercourse,” Jackson said. He added the danger of having heart failure during extramarital sex was exacerbated even further when there was a significant difference in age between the partners. Jackson said heart rates accelerate considerably during all sexual activity. He said measurements on blood pressure and heart rates found sex is generally comparable to a brisk 20-minute walk, with an orgasm putting a strain on the heart similar to an ensuing walk up a flight of stairs.

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