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Woman starts car from son’s belly

London, Dec. 3 (Reuters): A British woman may have discovered the ultimate in car security when she started her vehicle with a hi-tech electronic key — lodged inside the belly of her one-year-old son.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported today that 34-year-old Amanda Webster called for roadside assistance when her car refused to start after a shopping trip near her home in west London. Her son Oscar had been sucking on the key.

A patrolman sent to help noticed that part of the key — a pill-sized radio transponder that acts as a security device — was missing and guessed that Oscar might have swallowed it.

“She sat him on her lap and made sure that his tummy was pressed up against the wheel,” Keith Scott told the Telegraph.

“She turned the key and the car started,” he said. “I guess this was the ultimate in car security.” The paper reported that Oscar was none the worse for wear and the chip was recovered after nature had taken its course.

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