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FBI kept close eye on Greene

London, Dec 2 (Reuters): Renowned English novelist Graham Greene, the remake of whose deeply critical tale of the Vietnam War The Quiet American is currently getting rave reviews, was closely watched by the FBI.

The Guardian newspaper, citing documents released under the US Freedom of Information Act, said today the religion-driven Greene had been tagged as anti-American for his meetings with people such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

He was also targeted for his friendship with Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega — another thorn in Washington’s side.

“Unsurprisingly, Greene’s views on the US government policies and actions are not flattering,” the Guardian quoted one secret US cable as saying.

The newspaper said the declassified documents showed the FBI opened and read Greene’s letters at the height of the Cold War when he was refused entry to the US for having briefly been a member of the Communist Party.

Greene himself, who said the novel had more original reporting than any of his other books, questioned how it was that an American photographer happened to be on hand to capture the exact moment of the explosion of one of the bombs.

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