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Lula in diet need

Sao Paulo, Nov. 27 (Reuters): Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the burly former metalworker who will be sworn in as Brazil’s next President on New Year’s day, needs to go on a diet, his doctors said.

After a routine checkup at a Sao Paulo hospital, Lula, as the President-elect is widely known, was told that although his health was good, he needed to lose a few inches around the waistline.

“The results of the exams were good ... but he was told he needs to exercise and go on a diet,” Lula’s cardiologist, Roberto Kalil Filho, said late yesterday after examining the 57-year-old former union leader. Lula is an avid soccer player on weekends. His friends say he also cooks a mean pasta carbonara and loves to barbecue at his country home outside Sao Paulo.

God turn

Putney, Kentucky (AP): Talk about making a 180-degree turn. Michael Braithwaite, whose store once sold vibrators, leather goods and other porn paraphernalia, now sells Bibles after he underwent a religious conversion. “Morally, I couldn’t sell it any longer,” he said. Neighbours have embraced the change, helping Braithwaite restock his five-year-old store with Christian merchandise and buying groceries for him, his wife and daughter until his new business begins to turn a profit. He dropped the old name, Love World, and now calls his store Mike’s Place. He covered the formerly bright red outer walls with a fresh coat of white paint. Braithwaite, with tears pooling in his eyes, said God persuaded him to close the shop, burn $10,000 worth of sex toys and open the bookstore

Sex at work

Los Angeles (Reuters): Women are more likely than men to have sex with an intern at work, according to a Playboy magazine poll that also found that two-thirds of female respondents had slept with a co-worker. Among male respondents, half had slept with co-workers, said Playboy, which polled more than 10,000 men and women in an online survey in August.

Rap bucks

San Jose, California (Reuters): Rapper Eminem’s music rakes in big bucks and now it looks like his former boyhood home is hot property too. A bid on auction house eBay Inc.’s website by Tuesday had topped more than $13 million for the star’s 60-year-old former home in a blue-collar Detroit suburb — eclipsing its estimated appraised value of slightly less than $100,000.

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