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Just another flash in the pan: Subrata

Calcutta: Mohun Bagan might have given Taejon Citizen a good run for their money in their AFC Champions League match, but their coach Subrata Bhattacharya feels the performance is just a flash in the pan. “Indian clubs have occasionally performed well against foreign teams, but that doesn’t mean we can consistently do well against them,” Bhattacharya said.

He, however, lauded his boys for a stupendous effort. “I asked them to give everything they have. It’s good to see the way they fought.” But he feels his team could just have snatched a draw had Bhaichung Bhutia been around. “He could have made use of the chances we got,” Bhattacharya said.

He further added that the absence of Rajat Ghosh Dastidar in the goal had a major impact on the game. “Amit (Singha Roy) wasn’t 100 per cent there psychologically. In fact both the goals could have been avoided.”

On the other hand, the Taejon coach Lee Tae ho expressed a bit of a surprise at the fighting spirit of Bagan. “I didn’t expect my team to concede a goal. But they really fought well,” Ho said.

When queried about the possible reason behind the transformation of Bagan, he said, “Here, they had such vociferous support. Moreover, the heat also wore us down a bit in the later stages of the match.”

He also felt that the absence of some of his stars allowed some breathing space for the local side. “Seven of our top players couldn’t make the match making things easier for them,” Ho added.

The coach also wasn’t all that happy with the ground conditions at the Salt Lake Stadium. “The ground here is bumpy which is detrimental to quality soccer. If the conditions improve, even the Indian teams will reap the harvest,” he opined.

Ho also had a word of praise for Barreto. But he feels that the Brazilian is not good enough to play in the top tier of the K-league.

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