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Set doubts over marks at rest

Prahlad Agarwala,

The issue has already created a great deal of controversy among the candidates, teachers and guardians and embarrassment to the Boards. Still, it will be better to stick to the existing rules. But the examiners should be more attentive and responsible for their task.

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge

If scripts are distributed with marksheets, guardians, teachers, and students will be sure about whether proper evaluation has been made or not since many irresponsible teachers gloss over scripts or get scripts examined by others. Naturally, average marks are awarded. Erratic evaluation can be detected easily and public grievances can be addressed. Examiners must be accountable. The present examination system needs to be reformed in tune with public demand.

Kanai Saha,
Gauri Bari Lane

Though the proposal for distribution of answer scripts along with marksheets appears to be very timely, it is hardly possible to implement the proposal as the number of examinees for both the examinations is abnormally large. Rather, the examiners should be very cautious in examining the scripts to avoid any irregularities in the result which may doom a studentís career. The answerscripts should be preserved for future review cases if required.

Soumitra Nandi,

Even if the Boards decide to show answer scripts to examinees, what will be done if mistakes are discovered' Will the scripts go for re-examination' Often there is a remarkable discrepancy in the marks secured in different papers. The review results come out after a student is denied admission into the course of his choice.

Anamni Gupta,

Well! I think, answerscripts should be distributed among students so that they can go through them for a couple of hours and then they must be taken back. This year, so many cases of differences in marks cropped up after scrutiny. A chance must be given to the students to see where he/she had gone wrong and why he or she had got low marks. At the same time, the students must not be trusted fully. If they are allowed to take the scripts home, they can easily correct some of their mistakes and come back the next day claiming more marks.

Varsha Chabaria,
Address not given

In the wake of the recent scandal concerning answerscripts and marksheets, itís a practical and welcome idea. Distribution of answerscripts with marksheets will definitely sort out all sorts of confusion and discrepancies. Students will have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes they committed. It will also silence students who complain of not getting marks as per expectation. But, only implementation of proposal without sound follow-up machinery is fruitless. The move should be undertaken to avoid the gruelling process of reviews.


I think answerscripts should definitely be distributed with the marksheets. Unexpected low marks in the final exams, misprint of marks on the marksheet and even stupid mistakes in addition lead students to an uncertain future. If the answerscripts are given with the marksheets then candidates shall know their shortcomings and they do not have to go to the legal authorities for redress. This way even the Board authorities will be spared of any criticism.

Subhasish majumdar,

I support the move. The proposal if implemented will give the student the perfect opportunity to analyse his performance. This way he can either learn from his mistakes or approach the Board if the mistake is on the part of the examiner. If this system is followed, the examiner will be more conscious during evaluation. As a result, the number of mistakes too will reduce.

Fakhre Alam,
Tiljala Lane

From the rational point of view, it is a wonderful idea to distribute answerscripts with Madhyamik/ Higher Secondary marksheets. This way, students will be able to analyse their mistakes and also came to know of the method of correction of their answer-scripts. The subsequent batches will be fully aware beforehand as to how to write an answer. Then if there is any negligence in checking the answer-scripts on the part of the examiners, the students can clarify their doubts directly. In the present system, if a student goes for a scrutiny, by the time they get back their papers, valuable time is lost and they fail to get admission in good colleges. This method will overcome such harassments.

Udayan Banerjee,
Bhadrakali, Hooghly

No. It is a ridiculous idea. Though the recent marks scandal have forced such questions to be raised, it is not very practical to distribute answersheet with marksheets to lakhs of candidates. It is not only a Herculean work but may cause more confusion than before. The solution of this problem lies in the hands of examination Boards. The Boards try to publish the results under a tight deadline. But keeping in mind the huge number of students, the time for evaluation given is not fair to the examiners. Earlier, the results were not published so quickly. So, the number of errors was less.

Madhumita Dutta,

No, absolutely not. Instead the examiners should be more vigilant and sincere and above all responsible in discharging their duty since the career of the students are in their hands.

Nanda Banerjee

I do not think such an exercise is fruitful. A better idea is to increase the number of examiners and allot lesser answer scripts to each of them. Mistakes will automatically come down. Just because there are glaring errors in the evaluation one year does not mean that an age-old practice should be broken.

Kamal Ganguly,

If answer-scripts are distributed with marksheets, that will give rise to more complications. First, there will be chances of scripts being lost. Then, examiners will get into arguments with students who do not agree with their logic of marking. I think, the process would definitely result in complications and even end up in court. It is better not to distribute answerscripts with marksheets.

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