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US ‘hate’ body in hitback

Washington, Nov. 24: The US-based India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), which is under attack for allegedly funding a hate campaign against minorities in India through organisations belonging to the Sangh parivar, today ridiculed charges against it as the handiwork of Leftists in both America and India.

In a press release, the organisation hit back at its detractors for “an anti-IDRF hate campaign in New Delhi” and dismissed charges levelled against it as “malicious, pure concoction, untruthful and self-contradicting”.

Referring to a 91-page report released in New Delhi detailing, among other things, the sources of the organisation’s funds, the release said “the report by Biju Mathew is merely a string of allegations, manipulated skillfully by piecing together information available on the IDRF web site”.

It asserted that “these allegations do not stand up to any rational scrutiny. Donors to IDRF are among most well informed of the donors to any South Asian non-profit charitable organisations operating in the US.

IDRF questions the credibility, motives and the political agenda of these splintered and virtually unknown groups that have launched the hate campaign.

Strongly denying that the organisation had any religious, political, or sectarian agenda, the release claimed that it “fully meets US laws that govern IDRF as a US-based charity of choice of Indian Americans”.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Indian American Christian Organisations of North America yesterday joined the controversy by urging Indian Americans and US companies to be careful in donating funds to organisations in India.

“It is reported that large amounts of funds raised in the US by RSS affiliates are used to carry out hate campaigns and inducing religious violence much the same way al Qaida and other radical groups do. But these RSS affiliated Hindutva organisations in the US have all along denied sending funds to create unrest and foment violence,” the federation said.

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