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Fugitive shelter shadow on cop

Calcutta, Nov. 24: A policeman and his brother-in-law were put under the scanner today as the investigation into the presence of Bangladeshi criminals in Bengal with suspected ISI links gathered pace.

Detectives were shaken by the discovery that a sergeant and his brother-in-law, an influential property-owner in the Garia area, had been instrumental in installing the arrested Bangladeshi criminals and ISI suspects, Liaquat Hussein Liaquat and Arman Khan, in a safe house. The house belongs to the policeman’s relative.

The detective department identified the policeman as a sergeant of the wireless section of the city police.

Deputy commissioner of police, wireless, P. Ravi, said: “So far, we have not been informed of the involvement of one of our chaps in all this.”

Liaquat and his associate, Khan, were arrested on November 16 from opposite a cinema in the New Market area with a pair of sophisticated revolvers on their person and were booked under the arms Act. A few days later, on November 19, New Market police arrested another Bangladeshi, Sayyed Hussein, from the same area and booked him under the same Act as he was found carrying unlicensed weapons.

The Bangladeshi criminals have among them nearly 50 police cases and are wanted in connection with extortion, murder, rape, dacoity and kidnapping in Dhaka and elsewhere, according to security agencies in Bangladesh.

Over the past 48 hours, a police team combed Calcutta neighbourhoods like Marquis Street, Collins Lane and Ripon Street and several areas in the suburbs in search of local contacts of the trio.

“What is disturbing is the way the Bangladeshi underworld has managed to transport itself to foreign soil,” said an officer.

The weekend, according to a senior officer, was productive in that the trackers have collected several names and addresses, but there is no direct action yet for fear that such a move at this point might lead to the shutting down of known bases and setting up of new ones.

“Arresting them won’t serve our purpose. Our main objective is to flush them out,’’ an assistant commissioner of the detective department said.

The city policeman now under probe had come to know the crime lords through his brother-in-law, who has business interests in Dhaka. The sergeant had gone to New Market and Taltala police stations soon after Liaquat and Khan were arrested and tried to find out whether they could be released on “spot” bail.

“When we came to know about this, we thought it was interesting. No policeman should become so interested in criminals,” an investigator said.

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