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US call-up for UK troops
The British government said today it had received a request from Washington for troops to take part in a possible Iraqi military campaign. ...  | Read.. 
Seven menacing oil slicks threaten Spanish coastal areas
Seven oil slicks menaced the coast of northwest Spain today, threatening to wash ashore where hundreds of kilometres of unspoilt beach and marshland have already been covered ...  | Read.. 
Rowling?s literary trailer
With Harry Potter weaving his magic worldwide at the movies, author JK Rowling has offered a tantalising glimpse into the next instalment of her wizard saga. ...  | Read.. 
Smuggled tapes expose Castro?s luxurious lifestyle
The life of luxury of Fidel Castro has been revealed in home videotapes smuggled out of Cuba by a former girlfriend of one of his sons. ...  | Read.. 
Actress Natascha McElhone (left) and producer James Cameron at the premiere of their film Solaris in Hollywood on Tuesday. (AFP)
Selling Lennon
Spike award
Lustful role
NY tearoom
Jackson admits baby stunt was a mistake
Pop megastar Michael Jackson has admitted making a ?terrible mistake? after dangling his nine-month..  | Read.. 
The business behind an affair
It may look like love but the couple seen kissing passionately on a Manhattan street have driven th..  | Read.. 
Miss World backlash on paper
Islamic militants burned down the regional office of a lead ...  | Read.. 

Bill veto can lead to Iran plebiscite
Iranian President Mohammad Khatami?s reformist allies have ...  | Read.. 

Pervez set to have his PM
The main pro-military Pakistan Muslim League party is poise ...  | Read.. 

Power transfer in one or two days
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf promised today to tran ...  | Read..