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Change bypasses Russia party

New Delhi, Nov. 19: The winds of change buffeting the Communist Party of China seem to have left the Communist Party of the Russian Federation untouched.

A two-member delegation from Russia’s Communist Party is here to interact with members of the two mainstream communist parties — the CPM and the CPI — at the invitation of the CPI leadership. The last time they were at the party headquarters was when the political contours of the world had not changed and the socialist Soviet Union was a formidable power.

But for Leonid Ivanchenko, vice-president of the Communist Party, much is the same. Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who had catalysed an economic and political whirlwind in the erstwhile Soviet Union, still stands condemned as the “traitor of all traitors”.

“There was a theory if fascism could not defeat the Soviet Union, the traitors in the party would. Gorbachev is the head of all traitors,” Ivanchenko said at a joint press conference with his colleague Sergei Afanasiev, an MP, at the CPI headquarters.

This morning, the delegation met CPM general secretary Harkishen Singh Surjeet, the CPI leadership and was later scheduled to meet Congress leaders.

While tearing Gorbachev to shreds, the delegation had a word of praise for the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Gorbachev’s methods destroyed the Soviet Union and the Communist Party at “one stroke”, Ivanchenko said. But the Chinese Communist Party, instead of rushing into reforms, went about it step by step. And that paid off. “Whether you agree or not with what they are doing, nobody can deny that China is a great power in the world today,” he added.

What about Stalin, whose ruthless and single-minded persecution of dissidents shocked many of the most “thoroughbred” communists' “The figure of millions of deaths in the hands of Stalin is too fantastic. There is not a single document to support these figures. Many people died because of their political convictions — its true,” Ivanchenko said. “In fact, we are demanding that archives should be opened up so that we can know the truth. We have no intentions of painting anybody white.”

There was sharp criticism of the Putin government and his refusal to hold a referendum as demanded by the party. Of the 445 seats in the Duma, 126 are held by the Communist Party and 11 by agrarian outfits. “In the last three elections, our vote share has gone up from 13 per cent to 25 per cent,” Ivanchenko said.

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