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Budge Budge Trunk Road.

Answer-scripts should be distributed with marksheets, as this will help the authorities avoid legal wrangles. Such a clear-cut reform measure will also boost the image of the Left Front government.

Anwesha Ray,

Distribution of answer-scripts will not minimise mistakes on the part of the examiners. It is a complicated and time-consuming process that is likely to cause more incorrect marking and cursory checking. Instead, showing answer-scripts on demand could be a better move.

Piku Bondopadhyay,

Distribution of answer-scripts is a novel idea but it is practically impossible. It would be a stupendous task for the authorities to make such arrangements for the vast number of examinees and the publication of results would be delayed further. Also, the mere distribution of answer-scripts will never satisfy all examinees. We must ensure the accountability of everyone involved in the examination process and punish the guilty. The removal of the president of the Madhyamik Board doesn’t serve any purpose.

Sounak Chakraborty,

Distributing answer-scripts with marksheets will definitely help students realise their mistakes. But it will also create chaos, with students detecting errors in evaluation and demanding revision of marks. The pros and cons of such a proposal should be considered carefully before implementation.

Sohini Roy,
Modern High School for Girls.

Answer-scripts should be distributed with marksheets as this will enable students to spot any mistakes made by the examiners. Also, students would feel better if they are shown their marks.


If answers-scripts are distributed with the marksheets, students will be able to evaluate their own performance and there should be no grievance against the authorities. Concurrently, the examiners and the administrative personnel would be exceedingly cautious in awarding marks and their computation.


The idea of distributing answer-scripts with Madhyamik/H.S. marksheets is a boon as well as a bane.Though students will get to see their answer-scripts' evaluation, this might lead to a new cause for concern. Students who are dissatisfied with their evaluation will move the court again for justice. Every candidate nurses this belief that he/she has written his/her best in the exam. This belief might not tally with that of the examiner. Let reforms be made in the evaluation department. Let it become more accountable so that there is no ‘injustice’ meted out from there.

Udita Sen,
Address not given.

Distributing answer-scripts with the Madhyamik/H.S. marksheets is not a solution to the problem. Moreover, nowhere in the world are answer-scripts distributed along with the marksheets. So, the need of the hour is that the Board/Council be more careful while correcting the scripts and publishing the results.

Suyash Jaiswal,
Hungerford Street.

Yes, answer-scripts should be distributed to students along with their results. Students won't know what mistakes they have made if they are not allowed a look at their answer-scripts. The examiners, too, are humans and can make mistakes while correcting the answer-sheets.

Asutosh College.

There is no real need for distributing the answer-script with the marksheet. But these should be more readily available to students who challenge their marks. On receiving an application for a review, the Board/Council could show the rechecked answer-script to the parents of the aggreived student to set at rest any doubts.

anindita choudhury,

This would really be a much-awaited, welcome move. With the kind of negligence the board is showing in checking the answer-scripts and, ultimately, causing injustice to the students, it has become imperative for the Board to show transparency and honesty by distributing the answer-scripts along with marksheets.

Sk. Farid Hossain,
Old Ballygunge.

A review of answer-scripts is a source of income for the Council/Board.

Enakshi Biswas,
Presidency College.

To err is human but to keep repeating one’s mistakes is surely not a good sign. Therefore, it would be of real help to students if they are shown their corrected answer-scripts.

First, it would help them identify their mistakes. Second, they will make a conscious effort to avoid those mistakes. Third, a look at a topper's answer-script would channelize the average student and give him/her a clearer picture of what's expected of him/her. Fourth, instead of remaining in the dark, the answer-scripts can act as a lodestar to the student. Last, students will stop crying foul over the injustice meted out to them.

CIT Road.

If a legal problem arises over marks, the Board/Council will have no records to go to court with if it has already distributed the answer-script with the marksheet. Even handing out photocopies of the scripts is a cumbersome and expensive process.

shagufta kulsum,
APC Road.

In the past, several students would fall victim to the sheer carelessness and insincerity of examiners. But some court cases have recently exposed their negligence. Under such circumstances, it is a good idea to distribute answer-scripts along with Madhyamik/HS marksheets. This will at least minimise the chances of intentional or unintentional ‘mistakes’. Besides, it will also give an opportunity to the examinees to rectify their mistakes.

sadia sitwat,
Linton Street.

Answer-scripts should certainly be distributed with the marksheets, as the Madhyamik Board and HS Council sport an extremely lackadaisical attitude towards the publication of results. Very few candidates can move court for justice.

arindam basu,

There are several lacunae in the evaluation system. So, it is better to distribute answer-scripts to the students along with their marksheets. This system will ensure that neither the Board/Council nor the examinee blames each other for any fiasco.

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