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Mystic rhythm

Exploring the roots of Indian classical dance has long been a pre-occupation of many artistes associated with this tradition. Priti Patel and Sharmila Biswas, both well-known dancers and choreographers, have been actively involved in researching the classical heritage of our ancient dance forms. They have experimented with traditional dance through research and performances, and have been instrumental in popularising the classical forms. They both have radically stylised their choreography and worked towards extending the boundaries of classicism by infusing many long-forgotten elements of the different traditional art forms of Orissa and Manipur. Mystic Rhythm is a voyage to the mystic East through the beats of drums — a discovery of the roots where dance and ritual merge. Patel’s Manipuri presentation, Nahal Nong...Once Upon a Time is an ancient ritualistic song of Manipur that glorifies creation of the universe. The treatment of this production is very contemporary and at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient tradition. Biswas’ Dhulikhel (picture above) explores the whole gamut of moods created by drums.

When:Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Kala Mandir

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