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RSS pins riot blame on Pak

New Delhi, Nov. 17 (PTI): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K.S. Sudarshan today alleged that the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat were “Pakistan-inspired”.

Sudarshan also sought to equate state Congress president and former RSS activist Shankersinh Vaghela with Jaichand who betrayed the nation by inviting aliens to attack the country. Without naming the Congress leader, Sudarshan alleged — at a meeting of RSS cadres — that the leader of Opposition in Gujarat had invited a team from the US to probe the violence in the state.

At the meeting, Sudarshan also iterated his call to educated Muslims to take over the leadership of the community and interpret their religious texts “according to the changing times”.

He criticised the press, particularly the electronic media, alleging that it has projected Hindus as “demonic” and claimed that while the violence sparked off by the Godhra incident was a “reaction” for a couple of days, the disturbances from March 4 onwards were triggered by “Pakistan-inspired elements”, which provoked a backlash.

“However, throughout the riots, only the Hindus were shown as perpetrators of violence,” he said.

The RSS leader regretted that the media had ignored the successful conduct of board examinations in the state, the safe return of Haj pilgrims and the peaceful conduct of the Jagannath yatra.

Former RSS chief Rajju Bhaiya, ideologue Dattopant Thengadi, VHP leader Acharya Giriraj Kishore and several BJP leaders were present at the meeting, which was closed to the media.

Calling for a change in the education system of the 30,000 odd madarsas, which he alleged produces al Qaida-type elements, Sudarshan said: “Educated Muslims should lead the community and ensure that their holy texts are interpreted according to the times, so that no hatred is preached against any community.”

The al Azhar university in Egypt has removed from its curriculum all material that were considered anti-Jew and anti-Israel, he added.

He praised Muslim leaders who were engaged in disseminating proper definition of terms like “jihad” and “kufr”.

The RSS chief also opposed conversions to Christianity and Islam.

On the economic front, he called for a development model that would provide work for every hand and water to every village.

Lambasting the western model of development and its votaries in the country, he said indigenously developed products like ethanol should be utilised to the maximum.

The RSS chief said while the country attained swaraj (self-government) in 1947, it was yet to attain swatantra (own-system).

He said the present system and the Constitution were based on the British model and did not fulfil popular aspirations without directly calling for the change of statute.

He called for inculcating “passionate nationalism” among the people to fight the menace of corruption.

Sudarshan also took to task the communists for branding the RSS as supporters of the British imperialism and said: “These very people had once portrayed Netaji Subhash Bose as Tojo’s dog.”

He announced that the RSS would spread its wings in all sub-divisions of the country by 2006, when it would celebrate the centenary of its late guru Golwalkar.

The RSS had its presence in 35 countries and contacts in 70 others where they were fighting “anti-Hindu activities”, he said.

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