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Father and son give cops lesson in shooting

Calcutta, Nov. 17: A businessman and his son who frequent the rifle club did today what Calcutta police usually fail to do.

A gang of 17 robbers fled from an apartment on Theatre Road after Mohammad Naimuddin Siddique and his 14-year-old son, Izaz Ahmed, loaded their licensed Webley & Scott revolver and .303 rifle and opened fire in self-defence.

The father and son, who head for the rifle club whenever they can, had put their weapons to good use, something Calcutta police often fail to do. The force is issued the same weapons, but on more than one occasion, they have either misfired or, surprisingly, the bullet has not emerged from the barrel.

Fifteen rounds were fired as the criminals also shot from their improvised revolvers while retreating down the stairs. But no one was injured. Beniapukur police admitted that criminals had struck in the area four times in the past three months.

A couple of hours after Saturday midnight, Naimuddin, 38, and his wife, Maimur Nissa, were asleep in their bedroom. Their children — Miraj, 5, Nazia, 7, Sajia, 10, Saba, 16, and Izaz — were in the other two bedrooms, adjoining the sitting room. Naimuddin worked out of an office room next to the bedrooms.

The criminals arrived at 79 Theatre Road in a Tata Sumo and entered through the emergency gate. They trussed up durwan Anwar Ali and 12 went upstairs.

They entered Naimuddin’s apartment after picking the lock on the collapsible gate. The masked miscreants immediately set to work, ransacking the drawing room and the office. They found Rs 12,500 in one of the drawers.

Then they turned their attention to the bedrooms. “I saw them trying to break the bedroom door. By this time, Izaz and the children had woken up. I shouted at Izaz to load the guns. From our bedroom window, we spotted four criminals standing on the ground floor. Izaz shot at them from the revolver,” Naimuddin said.

Hearing the shots, the criminals retreated. “I fired towards the door. I heard them running down the stairs. I took the revolver from my son and handed him the rifle,” said Naimuddin. “They were firing from their improvised revolvers while going down the stairs. On reaching the ground floor, I saw them run to a Tata Sumo and speed away.”

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