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US plans kid-friendly Internet

Washington, Nov. 15 (Reuters): A proposal to create a kid-friendly Internet zone free of violence, pornography and other adult material appeared today to be headed for the President’s desk after it cleared the US Senate.

By a voice vote late on Wednesday, the Senate approved a Bill that would set up an area within the United States “.us” Internet domain that would allow only websites deemed appropriate for children 12-years-old and younger.

The Bill has now cleared both chambers of the US Congress, but must win approval in the House of Representatives again because the two versions differ slightly. That could happen soon, congressional aides said.

Websites bearing an address like would have to certify that they do not contain sexually explicit material, hate speech, violence or other material not suitable for minors.

The Bill represents a modest attempt to protect children from the violent and sexually explicit material available to anyone with an Internet connection.

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