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In search of Radha

Radha and Krishna together form the cosmic fountain of love and devotion. She is the ‘Ahladini Shakti’ of Krishna and without her, Krishna, the Supreme Being, is incomplete. Radha is a girl standing on the threshold of adolescence and she is in love. The experience is so new to her. Unknown yet so beautiful! She is ecstatic, bewildered, overwhelmed and scared. In the rich Vaishnav literature of Bengal (Padavali), the poets have visualised Radha in different women. Poet Chandidas’ Radha was Rami, a washerwoman he loved, Vidyapati found his Radha in a queen he admired and Jaidev’s Radha was Padmavati, a courtesan he later married. The most modern interpretation of this eternal love was done probably by Bhanu Singha (Rabindranath Tagore). His Padavalis (poems) have brought the eternal love of two souls close to our hearts. In Vaishnav Padavali, Bhanu Singha O-Ekti Charitra dancer-choreographer Madhuboni Chatterjee amalgamates two ancient classical forms — Bharata Natyam and Vaishnav literature of Bengal, weaving a tapestry of power with lavanya (grace), rhythm with lyrics. Performed by Chatterjee, the script is by Chaitali Chatterjee and narration by Subhashish Sengupta.

When: Today at 7 pm

Where: G.D. Birla Sabhagar

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