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New Intel chip for dual pleasure

New Delhi, Nov. 14: Do not curse your computer if it is slow to open your word file because you are watching a movie or if your boss wants a print-out of his Power Point presentation but you cannot give it because the computer is running a virus check. But now a new technology called hyper-threading enables you to do both at the same speed.

Intel Corporation today launched its Pentium4 processor at 3.06 gigahertz with the hyper-threading technology that is expected to boost the performance of personal computers by 25 per cent. This also allows a computer to simultaneously use two or more operating software programs when run under operating systems such as Windows XP or Linux.

Software applications that have been written to use multiple pieces of code called “threads” will view the Pentium 4 processor at 3.06 GHZ with HT technology as two processors. For a user, it promises to give fast online gaming and flexible multi-tasking, allowing him to play a realistic PC game while transferring a family photo album on to a DVD.

“Just as people multi-task to get more done, we expect our PCs to do the same. Mixing music and editing video at the same time will be 21 per cent faster with this new technology. The hyper-threading technology is a breakthrough in computing that helps consumers and business people accomplish more in less time,” said Avtar Saini, director, Intel Asia Electronics.

“IT managers will be able to increase efficiency and security with new services while disruption for end users. Background applications like continuous virus scanning, encryption or compression can be run simultaneously without loss of responsiveness,” Saini added.

Company executives claimed that an internal test had shown that compressing an Outlook folder while running WinZip showed an improvement in performance by 35 per cent when HT technology was used. The Adobe Photoshop ran 21 per cent faster while running a McAfee virus scan, the executive claimed.

Systems based on P4 processor at 3.06 GHZ hyper-threading technology are available now through authorised distributors for system integration world-wide.

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