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Clean campaign or political platform'

Apropos the report ‘Union drafted for Presidency clean-up drive’ (Metro, October 15), it is interesting that the authorities of Presidency College have requisitioned the services of the college union for a beautification programme. At the outset it may appear that it is a prudent move to get students involved in the project. However, it is amply evident that this move is the brainchild of a shrewd politician, so that the student wing of the ruling reds, who came to power after a long gap, by a whisker, may hold sway in the day to day affairs of the college. Presumably, the college authorities have succumbed to the political pressure.

Moreover, the matter may create a dangerous precedence as the unions of other colleges may also seek direct involvement in administrative matters, including the utilisations of funds, which may drag the college authorities into avoidable hazards. The Presidency authorities should give the matter a second thought.

Rabindra Nath Kar,

Vidyasagar College.

Cookie concerns

The club authorities of Rajdanga Nabauday Sangha seem to be in a fix as to how to dismantle the ‘cookie palace’ created by using 25 quintals of biscuits and where to dump these biscuits (Eve-tease blot on biscuit base, Metro, October 17). Is it not ironical that in a country where everyday many people go to bed on an empty stomach, pandals are created out of tonnes of biscuits'

Chandramallika Sen,

Rashbehari Avenue.

lIt is good to learn that a volunteer at a Kasba puja pandal was promptly arrested for eve-teasing. Given the increasing incidence of such acts in the city, the police should tackle the menace with an iron hand.

Prahlad Agarwala,


Picture of devotion

It was good to see the picture ‘Autumn requiem’ (Metro, October 17) which was witness to the devotion that distinguishes family Pujas from the community ones. As long as para committees enjoy patronage from political leaders, the Pujas will remain an occasion to create a nuisance.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

For a cause

Apropos the report ‘Puja money for people in need’ (Metro, October 14), it is heartening to note that a number of puja committees have earmarked a portion of the donations to help people in distress. Most organisers spend lavishly on decoration, images, lighting etc, which consume a big chunk of their budget. Such expenditures mean little gain to society.

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.

End of slumber

Apropos the report ‘Buddha balm for CU students’ (Metro, October 18), it is surprising that the chief minister has sought a clarification from the vice-chancellor regarding complaints from examinees and principals of reputed colleges over poor marks in B.A. and B.Sc Part I examination, although students’ grievances in the past had fallen on deaf ears. This year’s improper evaluation of scripts has left even the complacent Left Front government’s education cell red in the face.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

Communication unlimited

Apropos the report ‘Fast track to districts, suburb’ (Metro, October 15), it is interesting to note that the government is considering the feasibility of linking Calcutta with the districts by constructing roads, flyovers, bridges, etc, to boost development in the districts. For industrialisation, linking the districts with the city is of utmost importance. However, prior to taking up the project, a techno-economic survey at the micro-level is necessary.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

Free to hike fees

The report ‘School shut over hike’ (Metro, October 10) on Calcutta Girls School raising tuition fees by Rs 300 is another incident in the recent series of fee-hikes in English-medium schools. It is unfortunate that school authorities these days are driven by mercenary motives rather than a sense of social responsibility. It is shocking that the government turns a deaf ear to the protests of hapless guardians. Legislation should be passed in this regard to contain public discontent.

G. Bakshi,

Address not given.

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