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Right to see porn

London, Nov 11 (AFP): British prisoners will be allowed to receive hardcore pornography after a serial murderer used European human rights law to overturn a ban by prison authorities, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The British prison service is now drafting new regulations giving wardens discretion to allow inmates to receive pornography after a number of prisoners argued the ban violated the Human Rights Act which guarantees freedom of expression and the right to receive information.

particular the change stems from a campaign by Dennis Nilsen, jailed in 1983 for murdering six young men, for the right to receive explicit homosexual pornography, said the newspaper.

British prisoners had been allowed to receive only soft pornography available from regular newstands, and guards would sometimes tear out pages containing pictures deemed too explicit.

Rapper roar

Los Angeles (AFP): The film 8 Mile, starring rapper Eminem in his silver-screen debut, far outdistanced the competition at the weekend box office, according to preliminary figures released on Monday. Loosely based on Eminem’s real life, the film tells the tale of a poor would-be hip-hop artist struggling to make it big in Detroit, Michigan. The movie is expected to reel in an estimated $54.4 million in its debut weekend to take the top spot at the North American box office, according to Los Angeles-based exhibitor relations. Last week’s leader, Santa Clause 2, lagged far behind in second place, ringing in $24.8 million in pre-yuletide box office receipts. Fright flick The Ring trailed in third place, with $16 million, followed by Eddie Murphy’s spy spoof I-Spy, with $9 million, and sophomoric stunt film Jackass: The Movie, with 7.2 million.

Chastity fine

Mbabane, Swaziland (AFP): The mother of a Swaziland schoolgirl, who has dropped a court case challenging the king’s decision to marry her daughter, has been fined for allowing an engagement during a period of national chastity. The chastity pledge, known as “umchwasho”, requires girls up 18 to wear blue and yellow “don’t touch me” woollen tassels, while young women of 19 years and older wear red and black tassels. Breaching the chastity vow before marriage incurs a penalty of one cow, or 1,300 emalangeni ($108). The Times in Swaziland newspaper reported that a group of chanting Swazi women had gathered outside the house of Lindiwe Dlamini on Sunday, throwing tassles into her yard and demanding the payment of the fine.

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