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School from party, for cadre

Calcutta, Nov. 7: Without a head, an affiliation and examinations, here is one school that can easily rank as one of the few influential, resource-rich and independent institutions in the state.

In a scenario where the government sits in judgement on the fate of educational institutions, the party school that opened today is actually capable of throwing a scare to the government, if necessary.

State CPM secretary Anil Biswas inaugurated the school to educate party members on Marxism at 80 AJC Bose Road — the former office of the party’s Calcutta District Committee.

The classrooms, benches and blackboards may be like any other school but there is a difference — the students would be adults, members of the Calcutta District Committee, and there will not be a headmaster to rein them.

The CPM leadership has already drafted a syllabus that will be taught daily, with additional classes on Sundays.

The students will learn to apply Marxism in the changed scenario of Indian politics. Though there will not be a written examination to cap a term, the students’ performances will be judged by a clutch of 21 teachers — all senior CPM state secretariat members, including like Anil Biswas, Nirupam Sen, Benoy Konar and Goutam Deb.

The members of the district committee, all prospective students, were visibly enthused about the opening of the school.

The auditorium at the new district committee office, where leaders like Jyoti Basu and Biswas addressed the members and explained the reasons behind renewing their efforts to run the school, was packed to capacity.

Several party members stood outside the auditorium trying to listen to their leaders.

“I was really stunned that a party like ours did not open a school for so many years. I asked Anil and others why they were not taking the initiative. Ninety per cent of our party members are young men and women and they require proper training and education on Marxism and its application. We consider Marxism as science and we have to study it thoroughly and properly. Even leaders like me should attend the school,” Basu said this evening.

He also underlined the need for such a school at a time when a section of the party had become “corrupt and greedy”. “Can we say with confidence that none of us are corrupt' Panchayats now are handling huge amounts of money and, as a result, some of our members and leaders have become corrupt. This school, if opened earlier, could have checked this trend,” he added.

Biswas backed Basu. “We are really grateful to Jyotibabu. He raised the issue in politburo meetings and in public. We are happy that we have finally opened the school,” he said.

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