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Paper chase to proper grade

Anjan Majumder,
Belur Math.

nThe idea is great. It can at least bring some transparency to the examination system, but the biggest handicap will be the insincere examiners. The recent marksheet scandal has exposed how the future of students is marred by the system.
Suchi Arya,

Hungerford Street.
nYes, I think distributing answer-scripts along with marksheets is a good idea. Students put in months of hard work for Madhyamik and HS exams and they should not feel cheated. Officers, who resign from their posts after any fiasco, simply shirk their responsibilities. The Boards just cannot be so careless about the marks they award. Distributing the answer-scripts will enable students to realise their mistakes and learn from them. The examination Boards need to adopt an impartial attitude and fair means to get rid of the loopholes in their administrative systems.

Aftab Alam,
Ahmed Road.

In the wake of the marksheet scandal, itís a welcome move. It will benefit students and put an end to controversies regarding the sincerity of the examiners.

Sayantani Bhattacharya,
R.K. Lane.

I think the move will help students realise and rectify their mistakes. Besides, it will also reveal if the answer-scripts have been checked properly.

Aakash K. Misra,

With the recent goof-ups in the Madhyamik/HS marksheets, the credibility of the respective boards has been doubted. So, to make the evaluation system more transparent, distributing answer-scripts with the marksheets will help improve matters. Students and their parents will definitely welcome such a move.

Sujit De,

Yes. This is the most effective and easy way to make the examiners accountable and the system transparent. That, in turn, helps avoid undue pressure on the judiciary and the review section of the Board and Council. But instead of distributing the answer-scripts of the 10 best students in each subject, the Board/Council can publish them in the form of a guidebook for future Madhyamik/HS examinees.

Debaprasad Bhattacharyya,

Itís a huge task, but it is possible. The move will certainly satisfy students by guaranteeing greater transparency in the evaluation process.

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh,

Madhyamik and HS answer-scripts are examined in a slipshod manner, and as a result, candidates do not obtain the marks they expect. But for us, the guardians, it is not always possible to approach the court for justice. Scripts should be checked by teachers of the subject. If an English paper is evaluated by a teacher of political science, it is disgraceful. But distributing photocopied answer-scripts to lakhs of students is impractical.

Diptimoy Ghosh,
Salt Lake.

Answer-scripts should not be distributed or else it will create chaos. It will prompt more students to seek redress, with the plea that the marks obtained by them are not satisfactory. As such, answer-scripts may be kept ready to place before students who genuinely require verification of their marks, for a small fee. The answer-script can be returned when its purpose is served.

Abhishek Arya,
Minto Park.

I think answer-scripts should be shown to the examinees along with their marksheets. Students have the right to know where and how they have erred. They may also learn from their mistakes. Moreover, this will eliminate doubts about the examinersí credibility.

Anagh Pal,

Certainly not. This will only add to the confusion. For instance, when answer-scripts are distributed in class, almost every student feels that he or she should have scored more. If thousands of candidates start thinking the same, the authorities will be in a spot to appease all the aggrieved students. A student may be allowed to see his script only if his Board marks fall far short of his performance in school. A fair evaluation system is likely to reduce the anomalies.

Md. Tarique Nisar,
Collin Street.

Itís a wonderful idea. The process will iron out all sorts of discrepancies between the students and the examination councils. But simply implementing the proposal, without proper management, will be of no use. The aim should be to retain the faith of students in the evaluation process.

Jogamaya Devi College.

Yes, answer-scripts must be distributed with marksheets. Nowadays, examiners donít check the scripts properly and so candidates canít rely on them. The Madhyamik and Higher Secondary exams are vital for their career and any sort of carelessness on the part of examiners can spell their doom. Students will also realise where they erred.

Sananda Sen,
New Alipore.

Answer-scripts must be distributed with Madhyamik or HS marksheets to avoid a studentís confusion regarding his marks. If the system is introduced, students and their parents will be spared the agony of going through the gruelling process of reviewing the scripts.

Anuradha Roy,

Yes. While going through several lots of answer-scripts, an examiner is capable of making mistakes ó whether in checking or counting the score. If the papers are distributed, students will not harbour any confusion and the exam councils will be cleared of their bad name.

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