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Love your car, love your body

London, Nov. 5 (Reuters): Men understand spark plugs and carburettors but are reluctant to tackle health issues, so medical experts have borrowed a few tips from car manuals to produce a new male maintenance guide.

Described as a marriage of men and motors, the Haynes Man Manual which was launched in Britain takes a no-nonsense approach to men’s health by offering maintenance tips, illustrations and explanations for male problems in car maintenance terms.

Whether it’s impotence or indigestion, diarrhoea or depression, the manual attempts to use humour and simple language to encourage men to maintain their bodies as carefully as they would their beloved cars.

“We want to encourage men to get over their embarrassment and head-in-the-sand mentality and go to see a doctor as soon as something goes wrong with their body,” said Dr Ian Banks, the author of the manual and president of the Men’s Health Forum, a British health charity.

An estimated four out of five men with treatable conditions such as diabetes and impotence delay seeing their doctor and may suffer additional problems as a result.

If the initial launch in Britain is a success, the Men’s Health Forum director Peter Baker said it could be expanded to other countries. “We will look at any opportunity to make this as widely accessible as possible. Sections will also be put on our website,” he said.

Men read car manuals and they like information that is presented in that way so it seemed an obvious format to deal with health issues.

“Men tend to have a mechanistic way of understanding themselves. They see their body as bits that are bolted together,” said Baker.

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