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Star Spot

Only 18…

She’s got Zeal...

That’s the name of the voluntary group she started for the cause of humanity. Her most memorable project was raising funds to enable Mallu Singh, an old truck driver, to undergo an urgent surgery and help him back on his feet. Singh now has a second chance, thanks to Pepper (as her friends call her), and the more-than Rs 20,000 that she raised through Zeal. The English honours student has helped out with Swayam, Save the Children, UK, Aisec and the Tiljala Society for Human and Educational Development (T-Shed), doing what she does best — raising awareness about social issues.

nNot just a cartoon…

Is Captain Planet, but a crusader for mother earth, she feels. The TV show has provided inspiration for many a green campaign, like waste management and recycling. Taught a group of young ragpickers about solid-waste management and segregation of trash, capping the class with a pair of free gloves. Even visited them in slums, railway squatting areas and dumping grounds. Helped Pooja, a young ragpicker, get adopted by The Telegraph Education Foundation. Was awarded a certificate of honour for courage at The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence this time and was also recognised by Rotary International.

Amitabh Bachchan and Ruskin Bond…

Manoj Bajpai and Dominique Lappiere are just some of the celebrities she has interviewed for The Telegraph in Schools (TTIS). As co-ordinator, she honed her skills for her calling, and was duly given the Most Meaningful Writer’s Award at the TTIS birthday bash in August 2001. Favourite pastimes are listening to music (no rock please!), walking, and cycling. But what really gets her going is meeting people.

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