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Rabri brother tramples on zoo rules

Patna, Nov. 2: On October 31, as evening was descending on the verdant Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Garden, a convoy of eight cars roared into the compound through Gate no. 2 near Airport Road. It was past 5.30 pm and visitors are not allowed in beyond that time.

But the gun-toting securitymen accompanying the VIP, allegedly chief minister Rabri Devi’s brother Sadhu Yadav, would have none of it.

Once inside, the vehicles whizzed on the roads inside the zoo at breakneck speed. Trampling all zoo rules, the drivers loudly revved the car engines and honked unnecessarily.

After some time, the carcade sped out of the compound through Gate no. 1.

Sources said the latest feat of Sadhu Yadav, notorious for his brushes with the law, was apparently inspired by the recent restrictions imposed by zoo authorities on entry into the compound.

A senior IAS officer was recently turned out of the premises when he refused to abide by some restrictions.

Two days later, the incident has given a handle to Opposition leaders, who are demanding that a case be started against the chief minister’s brother for flouting rules.

But Sadhu Yadav today said he has not visited the zoo for the last three months. It was another conspiracy to malign him, he charged.

“Whenever I visit the zoo in the evening, I park my vehicle outside and go walking inside,” he said, adding that there was no need to take a convoy of cars inside.

Senior Opposition leaders are not impressed. They feel the chief minister’s brother has again done what he does best: ride roughshod over laws.

Two years ago, Sadhu Yadav had whipped up a wave of anger among bureaucrats when he stormed into the office of a transport commissioner and tried to have him sign a stay on the transfer order of a traffic inspector at gunpoint.

The traffic inspector, a Sadhu Yadav loyalist, was later dismissed.

This time, zoo director R.P. Singh has suspended the guard, Gangeswar Thakur. He said that on Thursday evening, he was informed that some cars had entered the zoo.

“I don’t know who they were. But I have taken punitive action against my staffers for violating the law,” he said.

The order has angered zoo employees, who believe they are victims of a VIP’s high-handedness.

“How can I stop an MLA and a chief minister’s brother' He was being escorted by his gun-toting securitymen,” said the guard.

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