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Paternal outrage

Melbourne, Nov. 1 (Reuters): An Australian man is suing his former partner to recover A$18,247 ($10,025) he spent on a little girl, for things such as presents, zoo trips and meals, after discovering she was not his daughter, a newspaper said today.

“I want it all back — every cent for every toy, every blanket, every bit of food,” the man was quoted as saying by the Herald-Sun. “I wouldn’t have spent all that money had I known five years ago she wasn’t my kid.”

The claims include take-away McDonald’s food over five years, four visits to an amusement park, three Barbie dolls, a Pooh Bear play tent, a day of skating, and child support payments.

Air check

London (Reuters): British Airways has said it will start handing out yellow cards to rowdy passengers in a measure aimed at curtailing cases of “ground rage”. The company said the soccer-style ploy would warn disruptive passengers who assault or abuse ground staff that they may be refused travel or handed over to the police.


Havana (Reuters): Steven Spielberg will attend the Cuban premiere of his latest film Minority Report here next week, opening a festival of his work on the island, Cuban officials said. The director of E.T. and Jaws will meet Cuban film-makers and speak to students at an international film school founded by Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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