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Dant Paake Bandha

At a certain social gathering, Ananya meets Dr Gargari, a dentist and an eligible bachelor. Ananya instantly falls head over heels in love with him, but Gargari has a problem he says he is married with children, and his wife and kids stay "back home." He asks Ananya to forgive him and suggests that she look elsewhere for greener pastures. They, however, remain good friends. On the anniversary of their first date, Gargari fails to turn up and Ananya, in a fit of frustration, decides to commit suicide. She sends a note to Gargari informing of her intention. When the doctor receives the note, he becomes restless. This makes Nita, his assistant, very nervous because she, too, is in love with Gargari. Ananya's attempt to commit suicide is busted as her neighbour, poet Suchibrata, rushes in to rescue her in the nick of time. After all these incidents, Gargari meets Ananya and tells her he is prepared to divorce his wife and marry her. But would that ever be possible' A hilarious drama unfolds. This Shouvanik production is directed by Chandan Das.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Madhusudan Mancha

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