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Jail lessons for Salman

New Delhi, Oct. 28 (PTI): For Salman Khan, his 17-day jail life in a hit-and-run case was “educative” and helped him put things in perspective.

“Perhaps I needed to go inside.… I had always lived a life of luxury, had never seen so much pain and discomfort. The stuff I saw inside helped me put things in perspective,” he said on BBC World’s Asia Today programme.

Claiming himself innocent and denying he was driving the car, Salman said he was destined to undergo such a crisis.

“Nobody could have stopped it. It was destined. I had to see it all. It was unfortunate that my car that had never even been scratched before was involved in the accident,” Salman said.

“I was not driving, but it was my car.… It was an accident, a mistake.” No one was ready to get his side of the story, the actor said.

Salman said though he always used to pick up people from streets who met with accidents, it was unfortunate that he could not do so when his own car hit somebody.

“That was not because I ran away, I was there and did not want to leave but a mob gathered and started throwing stones. One hit my knee, other my thigh and another my head. I feel very sad when people say I ran away and my brother went to pick up the car stereo. It is completely untrue.”

Salman’s car killed one person and injured four on September 28. A sessions court released him on conditional bail on Thursday after 17 days in custody.

Asked about his recent behaviour when he is reported to have forcibly taken Aishwarya Rai with him on the sets of a Shah Rukh Khan film, Salman said: “Can anybody force anybody to do something they don’t want to do' So let that go.”

Asked whether his “obsessive” love for Aishwarya was not hurting him, he said: “Not at all. It’s nothing like that.

“...I am not too emotional, I laugh and cry like an ordinary man. May be I will change tomorrow, but then it will be only for the worse. I will become calculative and manipulative and be nice to people I hate.”

On whether he still loves Aishwarya, the actor said: “I am not going to talk to you about this, it is only for me to know.”

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