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Kylie’s dilemma

Sydney, Oct. 27 (Reuters): Princess of pop Kylie Minogue has lashed out at two Australian state MPs for auctioning framed pairs of her knickers and photographs supposedly sporting her autograph at a party fundraiser, a newspaper reported today.

“I was not aware of the existence of these framed items, where the photographs came from, the auctions, the MPs, where my supposed ‘signature’ came from or, more importantly, where the funds are going!" the singer said in a letter to the editor of the Sun-Herald newspaper.

The Australian singer offered to provide new personalised photos for the two fans who paid A$7,000 ($3,780) for the items sold at an auction organised by New South Wales state Labor MPs earlier this month. The newspaper said one of the MPs, Paul Gibson, denied any wrongdoing and confirmed the knickers, from the singer’s Love Kylie lingerie label, were not actually worn by Minogue.

More babies

London (Reuters): Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson would like to adopt a baby even if she never remarries. The flame-haired Duchess of York, known as Fergie, told Britain’s Observer newspaper that she wants more children even if she does not find another husband. “If I’m past the age of having another baby, I’ll adopt. Either way, I will have another baby. Maybe on my own,” said the Duchess who had two daughters with Queen Elizabeth’s son. Fergie, constant butt of tabloid jokes for her burgeoning weight, said that working as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers had allowed her to gain control of her life and stop over-eating. She said press coverage wrecked her self-esteem. “It took my opinion of myself to absolutely nothing, a piece of dirt. And maybe I had to reach that point to start to put myself back together,” she said.

Royal affair

Borovets (Reuters): Bulgaria’s only princess married a former Spanish commando in a royal wedding aimed at luring tourists to the impoverished Balkan country. The event was also expected to give the father of the bride, ex-king and current Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg, a popularity boost after a plunge in opinion polls in recent months over painful economic reforms. Junior royalty from around Europe flocked to the green mountain resort of Borovets, 75 km south of Sofia to attend the wedding of Princess Kalina, 30, and Spanish explorer Kitin Munoz, 43, at the royal winter residence Tsarska Bistritsa. Saxe-Coburg, the only east European ex-monarch to return to power after the collapse of communism, has launched a series of harsh measures in an effort to bring Bulgaria into NATO and the European Union since he won elections in June 2001.

Sex & lies

London (Reuters): Almost one in four British men is unhappy with the size of his penis, according to a survey of sexual behaviour. And such concerns do not diminish with age. While those aged 35 to 44 are most likely to worry, a sizeable 26 per cent of over 65s admit to being less than happy with their organ. The ICM poll, which quizzed 1,027 adults for the Observer newspaper, also found that four million husbands and wives — more than one in six — had committed adultery. For those in long-term relationships, the figure was one in five. “The figures for extra-marital affairs may even be an underestimate,” psychologist Philip Hodson told the Observer.

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