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Spy slur to razor death
- Former friends in fatal row over informer status

Sk. Azad, 19, of Mominpore, murdered former friend Imran Wahab, 16, of Ekbalpore late on Saturday at the crowded Mominpore junction of the port area.

Officials said on Sunday that Imran was found bleeding profusely from multiple injuries around 9.30 pm on Saturday. Neighbours rushed him to Calcutta Medical Research Institute, on Diamond Harbour Road, where he was declared dead.

As the news spread, panic gripped areas like Ekbalpore and Mominpur, on the southern fringes of the city. “Azad is a certified drug addict. He had an argument with Imran last evening, during which Imran slapped him hard on the cheek. That prompted Azad to whip out a razor and stab Imran with it,” said T.K. Ganguly, officer-in-charge of Ekbalpore police station.

Azad, who assists a local chicken-seller, had gone into hiding after the murder. But he was trapped by the police and arrested on Sunday while trying to sneak into his house.

Ekbalpore police have booked him on a charge of murder. Azad broke down in the police lock-up during interrogation. “Believe me, I had no intention of killing Imran,” he pleaded. “Imran was my friend, but our relationship had soured due to certain reasons,” Azad added. “Imran had recently turned into an extortionist and was trying to terrorise our area. He repeatedly accused me of being a police spy and passing on information about him to the authorities. But this was not so. I was never a police informer, please believe me,” Azad told his interrogators.

“Azad is not the hardcore criminal type. Neither he nor Imran has any former police record,” according to officer-in-charge Ganguly.

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