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Woody calls himself a failed artist

Rome, Oct. 26 (Reuters): Quirky comedy director Woody Allen dismissed himself as a failed artist today and described American cinema as a sink-hole of mindless entertainment where everyone was obsessed with money.

If I had to describe myself in three words, I would say: A Failed Artist, a deadpan Allen told reporters in Rome, where he is promoting his latest film Hollywood Ending.

I dont know how to act, I mean, Im not an actor like Dustin Hoffman is an actor or Jack Nicholson is an actor, and I dont have enough talent to be a jazz musician. Im very, very mediocre. In fact, I'm less than mediocre.While characteristically self-deprecating, Allen was also full of criticism for US films, and for Hollywood in particular, a place he had appeared to court in recent months, even making a first-ever appearance at the Oscars in March.

Ive always had a very critical attitude to Hollywood. Essentially, its a place where people spend a huge amount of money and yet make very few, if any, decent films, he said.

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