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Radcliffe yearns for Potter magic

London, Oct. 25 (Reuters): Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to own the young wizard’s invisibility cloak — it would be great for slipping free into rock concerts.

And at the tender age of 13, he confessed today to a passion for Punk Rock, even though he does not yet have a girlfriend to share it with. Bombarded with questions at a London news conference by show business reporters from around the world, he seemed comfortable with the burden of fame and determined that his second starring role — in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets — would not turn his young life upside down.

Reporters from Israel to Japan peppered Radcliffe with trivia questions and one of the world’s most instantly recognisable child actors reacted with grace and aplomb. Asked for his favourite type of wizardry, he said: “Turning invisible because then I could get out of trouble very quickly and get into rock concerts.”

Quizzed about his favourite music, he said he adored punk. ”I like the attitude and stuff, the way the music sounds.” And then he rattled off the names of his favourite bands — from The Sex Pistols to The Stranglers. “I am flattered by all the fan letters. It is really amazing but I don't have, like, a girlfriend or anything,” Radcliffe admitted.

He insisted the second Potter movie was not too scary and its director Christopher Columbus agreed, telling reporters: “My five-year-old daughter saw it and she didn’t have nightmares.”

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