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Solution to marks mess in shift to grades

Apropos the report ‘Grades to score over marks’ (Metro, September 23), the idea of implementing a Central government proposal to replace the present assessment system for Higher Secondary and Madhyamik examinations is undoubtedly a welcome proposal. The recent marks scandal in both the examinations has proved the assessment system to be a farce, with every review changing the scores of the examinees. More ridiculous were the allegations and the counter-allegations among the top officials of the Board and the ministers over fixing responsibility for the scandals.

The grade system would be advantageous for the Board authorities as the system would not specify the exact marks obtained by the examinees. Moreover, the present evaluation system does more harm to the students than provide encouragement, as the merit list takes on a different look with every scrutiny it is subjected to.

If the present system is continued, mistakes in marksheets will be unavoidable and, as such, the functioning of the Board will be questioned by the people. Simply sacking the men at the helm will in no way help save them from public criticism.

Sunil Banerjee,

VIP Road.

Power politics over Puja

The report ‘First citizen flouts law in festive fever’ (Metro, October 4) is outrageous. The way the mayor sets out to defend the indefensible combines artlessness and sheer arrogance. “The Pujas are a mass movement” as well as “the only revolution the state has witnessed” are gems to be preserved for posterity. After all, the mayor can speak no wrong. Who cares whether pandals block roads or loudspeakers blare' Clubs, hotels and cinema halls are shut down for lesser offences while he flits around the world visiting exotic locales to solve vexatious problems which confront the world. I recently read in Metro that Mike Whitney of the popular TV series Who dares wins was in town. Any sponsors to rope Mukherjee in for the show'

Imtiaz Chowdhry,

Address not given.

lThe mayor is not setting the right precedence. If people like him who disregard the law are going to hold office, even gods cannot save us.

Donald Shimoda,

G.C. Avenue.

lThe mayor should know that being the first citizen he should always exercise restraint in public statements. But the way he brags about violating safety rules, one adage comes to mind — Wager is a fool’s argument.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

lCongratulations for running the series on encroachment by puja pandals. Small wonder that Calcutta is such a mess! What these self-proclaimed protectors of our culture forget is that if the idea of ‘fun’ is to block streets, then there is something seriously wrong with the way our ‘leaders’ conceptualise individual rights in a democracy.

S.K. Pal,

Ballygunge Circular Road.

lThe series of reports showcases the lackadaisical attitude of our leaders to environmental issues. Somen Mitra supports sound pollution while mayor Subrata Mukherjee is all for indiscriminate destruction of trees in the name of trimming. May I remind the politicians that nobody is above the law'

Lt. Col. (Retd) S.R. Banerjee,

Address not given.

lIf the first citizen shows no respect for the law then it gives opportunity to other puja committees to violate rules and regulations. “First catch the biggie and then us” will be their password to lawlessness.

Shyam Sunder Jajodia,

Address not given.

At pains to please

Apropos the report ‘Popularity pretext to block the Bypass’ (Metro, October 7), it is distressing to note that despite the opposition of law-enforcing authorities, the chief minister intervened for continuance of the Kasba Bosepukur puja at a vulnerable spot under political pressure. Such populist stances will lead to undesirable activities becoming the norm.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

Playing with fire

Apropos the report ‘Prison penalty for pandal peril’ (Metro, October 1), several puja organisers are playing with fire by constructing pandals and images of Durga with inflammable materials. Since repeated appeals by the government to the puja committees did not yield results, people should boycott risky pandals.

Rabindranath Kar.

Sankar Ghosh Lane.

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