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Break-in at Big B bungalow

Mumbai, Oct. 22: A star-struck teenager from Madhya Pradesh, who is staying with his cousin in Juhu, broke into superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow late last night. He was held by the actor’s personal security staff as he was about to enter the first-floor room of Abhishek, Bachchan’s son.

This is the third intrusion in the past few months at the Bachchans’ Juhu bungalow, Jalsa. The 18-year-old intruder, police say, was not armed.

Although security personnel manning Jalsa said it was not a “security breach”, it was clear that the boy had scaled the walls of the bungalow after entering the compound of an adjoining house. It has been reported that the intruder was “very close” to entering the room of Abhishek, who was the only one present in the house at the time.

Although the intruder was apprehended and is now being interrogated at the Juhu police station, everybody is trying to underplay the incident. Police sources say the intrusion was not meant to be harmful and that “even the Bachchans are not taking the incident very seriously”.

The intruder, it seems, had landed in Mumbai three days ago and attempted to meet the Big B after hearing that the star lived very close to where his cousin, a gardener, was employed.

But what is worrying the police are the gaping holes in Bachchan’s security. Just a week before the actor celebrated his 60th birthday on October 11, an intruder, believed to be armed, was found within the compound of the bungalow. The inebriated man was caught immediately.

The Bachchan house has 12 security men, who work on 8-hour shifts, 24 hours a day. At any given point of time, there are at least four men manning the entrance, the main gate and the reception. It is tough even for those known to the Bachchans to get in without being scrutinised by the guards.

A security officer posted at the star’s bungalow said what happened was not “a breach of security, though the house has not been made keeping in mind the security needs of a big star like Amitabh Bachchan. But we obviously have to be more careful and ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again”.

Two other intruders have been arrested in the past for breaking into Bachchan’s house. The actor has been provided additional security after reports of a threat to his life.

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