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Deathly doctor

n London, Oct. 22 (Reuters): A British surgeon reported to have told a patient “you have cancer, I have asthma, we all have to die some time” was struck off the rolls yesterday.

The General Medical Council said Dr Mohannad Al-Fallouji’s conduct “has rightly been described as bizarre”. The surgeon, dubbed “a walking terror in a white coat” by the media, made lewd remarks to female colleagues and occasionally groped them.

He also sent a flirtatious card to a young female patient, trying to arrange a date without her parents finding out. He once informed a patient who had been told she may have gallstones “words to the effect that she had a malignant cancer and that she should feel privileged that she had time to prepare for her death and make a will”.

Apple art

London (Reuters): Stencilling, long the preserve of interior decorators, has been adapted by British apple growers to create fruit with Halloween designs on their skins. They fixed food-friendly plastic stencils of pumpkins and witches on a English apple variety called Falstaff, before the fruit had ripened. Once exposed to sunlight, the apple’s skin turned red while the part covered by the stencil remained green. The result is a ready-made prop for October 31, said supermarket chain Waitrose which is stocking the enhanced fruit. The store said other designs, such as love hearts for Valentine's Day, are planned.

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