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Islamic boost to Megawati crackdown
Indonesia?s largest Islamic group has said it supports new anti-terror decrees introduced after the Bali bombing, as the US President vowed to help track down the killers of more than 180 people. ...  | Read.. 
Actor visits afghan air base
Hyperactive Hollywood comedian Robin Williams treated US troops to uncensored helpings of his zany humour during a tour of bases in Afghanistan that ended today. ...  | Read.. 
Fresh clashes in Nepal
Three policemen were killed and seven seriously injured in a landmine explosion triggered by Maoists. Security forces killed eight rebels in separate encounters, officials sa ...  | Read.. 
Jaish price set for US al Qaida hunt
Pakistan?s hardline religious alliance, which posted major gains in the October 10 general elections, has promised to go soft on the US crackdown on al Qaida militants in the ...  | Read.. 
Actor Robin Williams with US army personnel Crystal Heard (centre) and Kizzy Armstrong at Bagram air base near Kabul. (Reuters)
Actor ring pinched
Bill on Black list
Salma?s icon
Sniper scare returns with restaurant shooting in Virginia
Police mounted a massive manhunt for the sniper who has been terrorising the Washington area after ..  | Read.. 
Korea deal off: Powell
US secretary of state Colin Powell today said a 1994 US agreement with North Korea to freeze its n..  | Read.. 
House of sin pits Vatican vs Kremlin
It all began innocently enough when a Polish Franciscan mon ...  | Read.. 

?Yes? in Ireland, ?whew? in EU
Irish voters backed the European Union?s eastward expansion ...  | Read.. 

Saddam?s victory gift to prisoners
Iraq began releasing political prisoners under an unprecede ...  | Read..