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Backlash fears after Bashir’s arrest
Indonesian police arrested a militant Muslim cleric today hours after the government issued emergency antiterror decrees aimed at giving authorities wide powers in the hunt for the perpetrators of last weekend’s Bali bombings. ...  | Read.. 
Mozart makes maths easier
Mozart has brought a dramatic improvement to maths lessons at a primary school in Britain. ...  | Read.. 
IRA defies call to lay down guns
The IRA defied Britain today, rejecting as unreasonable demands that it lay down its guns as a prerequisite for reviving Northern Ireland’s stalled peace process. ...  | Read.. 
Europe watches as Ireland votes in polls
Voters in Ireland’s capital turned out in force today under the keen gaze of Europe for a referendum which will endorse or derail European Union expansion plans, but rural tu ...  | Read.. 
Yoshio Oikawa with his pet pug, Patra, during the “Look-Alike Pet Contest” in Tokyo on Saturday. Oikawa and two-year-old Patra won the first prize of ...  | Read
From Russia with love: widow’s £1m surprise
A widow has discovered £1 million of diamonds in a small sealed box marked “From Russia with Lo..  | Read.. 
Al Pacino’s great dictator draws the stars
Al Pacino's portrayal of a Hitler-type dictator in a German play half-a-century old is turning ..  | Read.. 
US to press N. Korea on nuke agenda
The United States will press North Korea to “immediately an ...  | Read.. 

Toledo accepts teen as daughter
Promising to protect and provide for the girl he denied was ...  | Read.. 

Car bomb blast rocks Moscow
A car exploded outside a McDonald’s outlet in a busy Moscow ...  | Read.. 

US backtracks on use of force
The United States has offered a compromise UN resolution th ...  | Read.. 

Murder of SA Indians foxes police
Durban, Oct. 19 (PTI) The South African police are st ...  | Read..