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Armed youth takes hostages in Germany

Waiblingen (Germany), Oct. 18 (Reuters): A youth armed with a pistol and demanding a one million euro ransom has released two of four boys he took hostage at a school in southwest Germany today, police said.

Witnesses said the former student, who police say is 16, seized the four boys around the age of 12 and a female teacher at around 3 pm (1300 GMT), when they were attending an afternoon computing class. The teacher was later released.

Police said the youth later released two of the four boys, although the gunman’s demands for one million euros ($972,800) and a car had not been met.

Eyewitnesses said one of the freed hostages, who they said was a student named Athanasios, was led to a car by three adults and driven off.

The hostage-taking has raised fears of another school shooting after a gunman on a killing spree in the east German city of Erfurt killed 16.

“He said if we’re not quiet something will happen,” said one student who was inside the classroom at Waiblingen’s Friedensschule, which means Peace School, and ordered by the gunman to leave the room.

Police said they were inside the school building and were prepared to use force to free the hostages. About 120 officers were posted around the school.

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