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Megawati begins legal strikeback on terror
Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri signed two emergency anti-terrorism decrees today giving authorities wider powers to investigate the Bali bombings, the justice minister said. ...  | Read.. 
Bond?s Barbie
James Bond has a new plaything ? slim, blonde and plastic. ...  | Read.. 
Russian governor shot dead
The governor of a gold-rich Russian region was shot dead today by a contract killer at morning rush hour on a bustling Moscow street not far from the Kremlin, police said. ...  | Read.. 
Vatican blow to US church
In a major setback for the US Catholic Church, the Vatican flatly rejected today proposals by US bishops on how to punish sexually abusive priests. ...  | Read.. 
American Camille Colvin hugs her five-year-old son Griffin after they returned safely to Beijing from the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou on Friday ...  | Read
Sex switch
Sick sniffer
Bloody bites
Mobile mate
Gaffe leaves Booker red
Organisers of Britain?s prestigious Booker Prize for literature were red-faced yesterday after they..  | Read.. 
Ashley Judd: tough but tender professional
On the one hand, Ashley Judd is a ?kind of repressed, half-assed anthropologist? never happier than ..  | Read.. 
Three killed in Manila blast
A bomb destroyed a bus in the Philippine capital late today ...  | Read.. 

France, Russia withhold support to US
France and Russia withheld immediate public backing today f ...  | Read.. 

Armed youth takes hostages in Germany
A youth armed with a pistol and demanding a one million eur ...  | Read..